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UKDT & Lowlander21 For the Bus: Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5

Thank you for taking your time to install this repaint.

Please read the information below to know how to get the repaint working and other important information.
Update V1.2
Changes In Update V1.2:

Since this repaint has been updated since last year, I thought I would go back to it and edit it.
Added this to V1.2
Company Address to the side panel of the bus,
Info & added phone number at the back of rear of the bus,
made the colours a lot more realistic,
removed the pixilated log and replaced it with a more HD logo,
& made the licence plates white (front of bus) & yellow (rear of bus)

UKDT & Lowlander21 For the Bus: Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5

How to install the repaint.
Simply Drag The Folder To your Omsi 2 Directory Eg : (Local Disk (C)/Program Files or Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Omsi2/Vehicles (Readme is also Included)
Then Away You Go and Enjoy.

Please note:
All my repaints are made by me (Kenzie) if anyone informs me that this repaint has been upload to a site without my permission action will be taken.
ALL my repaints are uploaded to either Facebook , Fellowsfilm or Virtual Bus.

Some preview screenshots of the repaint:

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