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Cotterell 'Dayglo' Blindset for the CMB Leyland Fleetline 1.1

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China Motor Bus Leyland Fleetline by FF3170: (included in ReadMe)
Farthington Demo (Highly reccomended for Dayglo numbers):

Ever wanted to drive a Fleetline around Cotterell, but have lacked the blinds to do so? (yes, seppdemba made some, but this is different) Well, now you can experience 90s high-visibility tackiness with a new Cotterell 'Dayglo' set of rollblinds! Made in pretty much under an hour, this is sure to get you chugging along the (U)18 in no time... unless you get confused with the semi-automatic gearbox, that is.

This new set of rollblinds has been created for the China Motor Bus-spec Leyland Fleetline - in retrospect, a truly underrated vehicle in OMSI 2. These have been tried and tested, and passengers should board the bus when the correct blinds are displayed. See below for some examples of blind format.

There is, however, one glaring issue I have noticed while developing this mod - as it is likely that there are/were no bus routes with the prefix of 'U' in Hong Kong, I am afraid to report that the letter 'U' is not selectable on the rollblinds. This is a matter beyond my control, of course, and in compensation, the best course of action for the U18 is just to set the blinds for '18'.

Other than that, I think this runs well. Haven't tried this with AI yet - feedback on that would be appreciated - and if there are any problems, please read the FAQ, then take your problem, if necessary, to the feedback section.

Have fun! I plan possibly to make more of these for maps such as BoTW and Scunthorpe, so stay tuned.
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I've been waiting for something like this for a while. Would it be possible for you to do a pack like this for scunthorpe