Clean Blender 2.7x Startup Scene

Clean Blender 2.7x Startup Scene 1.0

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Blender 2.79 -
This is a blender file which you can set as default so that you spend less time setting up blender when starting a new project.

v1.0 Features:
- Backface Culling, Matcap, and Ambient Occlusion enabled by default
- Removed Timeline from bottom of window
- The N menu is open by default
- 3px Margin on bake by default
- Tweaked some bake settings
- Doubled size of grid floor (still 1m between lines)
- Snap set to active vertex by default (press and hold CTRL when transforming to snap)
- Lowered the start of clipping (can get closer to models before they clip through camera)

Installation and uninstallation instructions are located in the readme.

You should only use if you know what you are doing with blender. No support will be provided for use of blender. It is only a simple replacement of the startup scene. I am not responsible for any damage done to your system, or anything else on your system (though I will be surprised if a simple blend file will cause that). Made for use with blender 2.7x
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