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UKDT C400R Citybus 400R - Stagecoach Cancer Research Campaign 2016-12-04

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Simply extract the files and place it in your Omsi2 directory.

For 32-bit systems this is Program Files\Steam\SteamApps
For 64-bit systems this is Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps


This repaint is replication of one of the few Enviro400's painted,
by Stagecoach, into a special Cancer Research promotional livery.
Please be aware that there are many different variations of this
livery, and this focus' on the main aspects shared between them all.

The repaint is for the Citybus 400R (link below), and uses the base
Stagecoach interior, which comes with the original link. This means
all this file includes, is the relevant .cti file, and Exterior


Please feel free to edit the repaint for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you
wish to upload the modified repaint, please seek PERMISSION from me,
either on the forums or on Discord, if the latter is easier. I will
consider each case, however please understand that I might say no.

I understand, that the less assets included, the better. Therefore, ~if you seek permission from me, than I will most probably let you release it with your map, so long as I am satisfied with your method of doing so. Else, simply add a link into your Read Me, directing people here.

Citybus 400R:
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