Citaro O530- Diamond Repaint Pack

Citaro O530- Diamond Repaint Pack 1.1

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Lowlander's Citaro Pack: Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack
This pack is based on Diamond bus typically in North West , which includes an Preston Bus Repaint.
This pack contains 5 Repaints for the Citaro O530:
-Preston Bus,
-Diamond (Preston Bus Stle)
-Diamond (Standard Blue, With North West Logo)
-Diamond (Standard Blue, With West Midlands Logo)
-Diamond (Two Tone, With North West Logo)
-Diamond (Two Tone, With West Midlands Logo)
-Diamond Red
-Diamond Black

Updates for V1.2
- Unknown as of yet.



Joshua Ramsden
First release
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4.00 star(s) 4 reviews

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  1. Citaro O530 - Diamond Repaint Pack

    !!!Ensure you delete the old version to reduce issues of multiple showing!!! This includes...

Latest Reviews

Excellent repaint pack. Preston Bus repaint is awesome. Great Job
Good Work 😊 Hope to see more soon!
Super realistic.. Love it!
The colours are not strictly accurate and the logos and how you have applied it to the vehicle has not been done well, you need to think about how big the vinyls actually are and compare it to the real thing, i can understand placement is difficult but from what i can see the black diamond is innacurate, never knew rotala had a red version, never seen one in any of the garages, and the preston bus ones the colours do seem a bit off.
Joshua Ramsden
Joshua Ramsden
Again there are alot of things I needed to fix this is only verion 1 and things like that we're going to be applied, but at same time I can't say you shoul dbe judging something to an extent if it was the real thing because this is just a game and to be greatful with what we have.