Citaro Facelift UK | MAN A21 RHD | Transbus ALX400 | Travel de Courcey Repaint Pack with a HOF File

Danielc2525 MAN A21 RHD L21 Citaro RHD V3D ALX400 (Regional) Citaro Facelift UK | MAN A21 RHD | Transbus ALX400 | Travel de Courcey Repaint Pack with a HOF File V1.0

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Citaro Facelift UK: Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack
Transbus ALX400 Regional: TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (Regional)
These Travel de Courcey repaints are based off a real life company operated in Coventry which use MAN 12.240 MCV Evolutions, ALX400s and Citaros.

These repaints are for the MAN A21 RHD, Transbus ALX400 Regional and Citaro Facelift UK as seen above in the title. The MAN A21 features a almost fully covered side glass above the side windows to represent the MCV Evolutions that they use. There are 3 repaint variants for the MAN A21 RHD: One with the normal livery with normal windows, the second one with the normal livery but with some window text with Mick McCann labelled on the side and the third with a more greener livery with the same window text as the second one. The Transbus ALX400 Regional and Citaro Facelift both use the standard livery.

They also come with a HOF File with Coventry destinations made by me. 1 or 2 of them may not have the right 'smaller text' as I don't live in Coventry and some images on the internet don't show the full destinations. Also, some of the seats (which are the right ones) may not look as smooth but I will try my hardest to find a clean moquette for them. Future updates may happen.

Enjoy :D

Please read the readme for further instructions

Credits to:
Frosty (me)
Danielc2525 (Dev of MAN A21 RHD)
V3D: (Creator of the the Transbus ALX400 Regional)
Lowlander21: (Dev of Citaro Facelift UK)

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Latest Reviews

Amazing work as always! :D
I can see that lots of effort went in to these!
Still, the company stole B&H’s livery :P
Either way, I love these repaints!
Yeah, thanks :D
Good job on the repaints! I've been wanting a De Courcey repaint in OMSI for some time.
Thank you so much! I'm happy you've found a repaint you wanted in OMSI! :D
Can You Do A 400R Bus In That Because I Am Going 2 Do Leicester Map With First Buses And Arriva Buses As Well So Then I Can Put That As A AI And That Bus Is Well Good And That's What It Looks Like In Real Life And I Have Not Seen No One Doing The Bus Like In Real Life Before You Are Only One Keep Them Coming
Thanks, I appreciate your support! Yes, I will take that suggestion into consideration! :D
I am very impressed with these. I live in cov and they are very realistic. However you are missing the school services. 4, 40, 42, 45 and 183. Just a suggestion!
Ok, I'll be sure to add them to the update very soon! Thanks! :D