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Camera and Steering Adjustments for the Masterbus Gen3 1.0D

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Masterbus Gen3 - by MasterSwitch Studios

Hi there! Only me, Moskie.

I made this modification to the camera views on all buses. It changes your seating position, it doesn't zoom into the mirrors, and there are no unnecessary angles (in the driving position cameras) - only stuff that really needs to be accessed.

Another thing it does is adjust the way the buses steer - by changing a value within the .bus file relative to the wheelbase, each bus should now handle similarly but respective to its wheelbase. It's a subtle change so for those not looking for it, you won't notice most likely! :)

To install - simply drag and drop the folder MS_G3Pack into the 'Vehicles' folder of your OMSI2 directory, usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2

Please be aware, the files included WILL OVERWRITE existing files - please keep a back-up in case you don't like these changes. Otherwise, I hope you like it!

The changes made are bespoke to this bus, so will likely not be any use in any other bus.

Please do not redistribute. This file has been published on FellowsFilm which is the only place where this modification should be found. Please let me know if it is found anywhere else. Thanks! :)

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    26/08/2019 Updated in line with MS updates. Back-up now included in the download, for if people...
  2. 1.0B Update

    20/08/2019 - updated to work with the Streetdeck HEV also.