Cambridge Busway Repaint for the C400RX

Cambridge Busway Repaint for the C400RX v1.3

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So after a bit of thought, I decided that 10 variants is a bit too much, so I have cut it down to the 'Get Smart' version. But I also decided to create three versions, one clean, one with a little bit of filth (whistlehead's dirt layer) and one that uses the dirt maps on the repaint.

In addition, minor adjustments have happened.

If you don't like this, you are still able to download v1.2 in the 'History' Tab
This update adds (almost) all variants of the rear branding, which are:
- Blank (Route B)
- Bagsy That (with & without Route B)
- Work It (Week - with & without Route B)
- Work It (Month - with & without Route B)
- Go Contactless
- Track Your Bus
- Get Smart

The Bio Fuel one won't be made, as I wasn't taking pictures when it was about
A small update for preparation for the new variants
- Moved repaint into separate folder
- Added 2 Window Variants for the future variants
This update won't make any difference to regular users, but it will when v1.2 comes out, which will (hopefully) be during August