C400R White Displays w/ 2004 &2005 Trident Sounds

C400R White Displays w/ 2004 &2005 Trident Sounds 1.0

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London Citybus 400:

Tom1791's original Trident sounds
This mod will create a new bus which will use white destination displays for the C400R. It also includes, with permission from Tom1791, two new Dennis Trident sounds!

The mod includes compatibility for all of Tom1791's Trident sounds, so be sure to give them a go!

Some people will have already done this for their C400R and possibly other buses as well, so this is mainly for those who don't know how to do it, or those who cant be bothered! :P

By creating a new bus in the menus, not only is it more convenient as you can easily switch between the two display colours, but it also means there is absolutely nothing that needs to be overwritten!

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Excellent mod, I use it all the time now!
when i load the c400 up it doesn't work can i have some help please
Deleted member 2523
What doesn't work? Could you please PM me so we can communicate properly? :)
The sound is very real. If the motor sound is larger, then it's perfect.
Good But The Numbers And The Letters Dont Show On My C400
Deleted member 2523
Make sure you are using a hof file that works and that your C400R installation isn't corrupt. If they didn't work they wouldn't have got passed content control.
Great file! Would help people that don't know how to do it! Sorry for being rude earlier.
10 of 10 would download again
Yes, This is perfect. The dests and the sound pack. Amzing by far and no overides. Overall I rate 5/5 Would download again. -SW