C400R Repaint: Arriva London

UKDT C400R C400R Repaint: Arriva London 1.2

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This is an Arriva London repaint which is a modification to the original Arriva repaint which was provided with the bus, so credit to the original creators of the C400R for that. This repaint isn't perfect, but it should be up to a satisfactory standard and will probably not be changed given the London addon is only around two weeks away. Notably, advertisement boards and some stickers are missing, and some colours may not be 100% accurate.

Simply drop/paste the Vehicles folder and its contents in to your OMSI 2 directory.

When spawning a bus, this repaint will show up as 'London Arriva'

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This repaint is for the Citybus 400 Regional.

You should not claim this repaint as your own and/or re-distribute this repaint and/or an edit to this repaint without prior consent.
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Because this is a Arriva Repaint could you add some Arriva WI-FI stickers to the windows. Also could you paint the doors red as well please lovely work keep it up