C400R Indicator Sound Change

C400R Indicator Sound Change 1.0

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London Citybus 400R: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/files/ukdt-london-citybus-400r.235/
This changes the indicator sounds for the DIWA and Ecolife versions of the C400R to the C400R Express indicator sounds.

This does overwrite 2 files so you may want to back them up before installing in case you want the old sounds back. (London Citybus 400\sound\sound_DIWA.cfg and sound_Ecolife.cfg)
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This sound is better, the beep on the normal C400 is rather annoying
Nice little change for those who prefer the Express Indicator Sounds.
Where is the sound preview? How do i know what it sounds like before downloading? I don't know if i'll prefer this to use or not.
1 - please use the discussion tab to ask questions, instead of giving it a bad rating

2 - if you spawn a C400R express, turn it on and press the indicator button, there's your sample :)
Where is the sound files?