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C400R Driver & Passenger View Enhancement Pack V 2.0

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What this pack is NOT, is a change to the original bus model, or any scripts, or any of the original or repaint textures. Whatever other variations have been added to this bus should also be unaffected.
What this pack IS, is a revamp of the entire driver & interior passenger views based on MY OWN PERSONAL preferences.
Further information is also available using the following link,
What's on your workbench?
It includes changes to the various camera viewpoints, & the addition of some new ones.
The Drivers straight-ahead view has an increased F.O.V. also there is a new close up of the Wayfarer ticket machine, the coin box view also includes the timetable. A modified dashboard view is still present when cycling through the Drivers views but there is a change in priority to Ticket m/c. Pressing & holding the “INSERT” key gives the Coin/Timetable view, pressing & holding the “Home” Key gives close up of the Wayfarer ticket machine.
The Passenger views have either been tweaked slightly to represent sitting in actual seat positions, or are additional ones added to show off more of authors/developers work on this superbly detailed bus model.
As mentioned above this is based on my preferences, but as everybody has different opinions or player preferences the download offers 3 possible variations + the Not option.
Option 1 - Install the full pack
Option 2 - Install the full pack minus the increased Drivers F.O.V. view.
Option 3 - Install the passenger views ONLY, ALL Drivers views stay ORIGINAL.
The NOT Option includes copies of the original BUS files for those users who do not like the changes & wish to return to the original.
NOTE if Option 1 or 2 is installed the original Manual regarding the dashboard view will be incorrect, the Home key being paired to the Ticket M/C.
To help decide which option you wish to use included in the zip file are two folders of screenshots titled Drivers Views & Passengers Views.
After downloading the zip file due to multiple options it is recommended that you unzip to a temp location of your choice.
Refer to the Read me enclosed in the Zip file, for all the installation options.
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One of the best mods I've downloaded. Simple yet effective. It makes driving a whole lot more interesting and fun. Keep up the good work!
Thanks TOM, one query in Drivers view do you think the close up mirror view should come after the NearSide front quarter view for ease of driving?