C400R - Cardiff Bus 464

C400R - Cardiff Bus 464 2017-02-09

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This is a repaint for the London Citybus C400R ([UKDT] London Citybus 400R). It is based on CN57 BKG which in reality is a Scania East Lancs Olympus and is operated by Cardiff Bus.

To install:
Locate your main OMSI folder
Cut and paste the provided 'Vehicles' folder into your main OMSI folder. It should not overwrite any files.
In game, this repaint appears as: 'Cardiff Bus 464'

Do not modify or redistribute this file without my permission.

This repaint was made by btv in January 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact me on Fellowsfilm: https://forums.fellowsfilm.co.uk/profile/btv.15/
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Great repaint. The detail is great and it looks good on Cotterell!
amazing repaint, represents the C400 very well even though it's based on the Olympus. Another amazing repaint by BTV.
Very nice work, Driven this bus in real life it's amazing to use :) worked for CB now with SCSW, but amazing work :) 10/10