C400 Dirt Texture Layer

C400 Dirt Texture Layer

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This dirt layer is based on my own personal experience as a shunter at a local bus depot. There are certain areas where dirt will cling on through the bus wash, such as panel gaps and other hard-to-reach areas, and certain persistent stains which gradually gain a hold no matter how many times you wash them, such as the water stain tracks which build up under windows. I have attempted to replicate this.


To install, drag and drop the OMSI 2 folder into your Steamapps\Common folder. No files should be overwritten. This will install an example plain white repaint for the C400R, as well as placing the dirt map into your C400R templates folder.


In Paint.net, add an extra layer above the paint layer but below all the other layers. Copy the dirt texture into this layer, and save the repaint as normal.

You may have good luck with applying this texture directly on top of existing repaints without needing the original layered PDN file, but this may also have mixed results.

You may release repaints made using this template, but please give credit. You may not redistribute the original file on its own for so long as this download is available. If you apply this template on top of an existing repaint, take note that you will need permission from the author of that repaint in order to release it.

This texture was made partially using free textures from Textures.com
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