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Buses of the Westcountry (BotW) 2.9

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Welcome back to Buses of the Westcountry. This is the next version of the map, which is a tidied up version of the rather dated v2.7.1. Please note that this is not v3 (or BotW 2, or Legacy Edition or any other name it has gone by).​

What has changed in this version?
BotW v2.8 features a tidied-up version of the 35 from Paignton to Totnes. It now utilizes the fantastic C400R, and has been generally improved upon. Poor, outdated map construction has been mitigated, common complaints addressed, general optimization, as well as higher quality assets.

Please note - this version is simply a stopgap to give the community something while v3 (Legacy), London, and other maps are in the works. It is also intended to have 2.7.1 removed from public view as it is now a very old map not representative of the skills of UKDT.

Read the included readme file. It includes instructions on how to get the map up and running. Failing to do so will result in missing tiles, or a blank map.
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Latest Reviews

A really great map! One of my favourites.
I love this type of maps. I like the smooth and doesn't Sticks like the other maps, Can you do the same as the BOTW legacy one as well. There's only few bugs,
1. People at Totnes Station People won't aboard on Bus.
2. people Cross road when Getting on this Hill.
3. KFC Round about.
4. Paignton Zoo Needs bigger take out the Turn around. Have the buses going though the car park then stops in layby Like legacy Park & Ride.
5. Can you do the pottery Berry same as Legacy I love Little villages as well.
I love the look of the map from the pictures. I've downloaded all that I need to run the map but when I load into the map nothing shows up. can someone help me solve this problem please
this is a much needed update to an already amazing map, well done ukdt!
I cannot get into the map, it just loads up a blank world. I've installed all the splines that came in the download.
Great map, but Zoo turn around could of had a different solution, as people don't just want to drive the C400R?
Timetables - Timetables I feel are poor, recovery times should be other way round as 7 min would be more suited to the bus station. Never get recovery time anyway as you do not get enuf time to do the route. Also when does a route have 40 min freq. on a night? Could of easily been an hour.

Half decent map apart from that.
Fantastic! Thanks so much for this!
I absolutely love this map! This update has helped improve performance so much! I got a minimum of 30 FPS throughout the whole journey with a maximum of 85 FPS! The only exception was Totnes which pushed it down to 28-29 FPS but that didn't really make a difference. The updated textures and roads are a welcome addition into this update. I love the new layout of the Zoo and Totnes area. There are a few issues regarding pedestrians. I don't like the fact that some pedestrians cross in the middle of the road where there is no Zebra crossing. There was noticeable lag but that's OMSI for you, but overall a fantastic update to an already great map! In the future, I do want to see the team implement route PR1 into the map so we have more routes to choose from instead of only having route 35. But i'm happy! Definitely the best UK map in OMSI! (until London comes out)