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Buses of the Westcountry (BotW) 2.9

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Welcome back to Buses of the Westcountry. This is the next version of the map, which is a tidied up version of the rather dated v2.7.1. Please note that this is not v3 (or BotW 2, or Legacy Edition or any other name it has gone by).

What has changed in this version?
BotW v2.8 features a tidied-up version of the 35 from Paignton to Totnes. It now utilizes the fantastic C400R, and has been generally improved upon. Poor, outdated map construction has been mitigated, common complaints addressed, general optimization, as well as higher quality assets.

Please note - this version is simply a stopgap to give the community something while v3 (Legacy), London, and other maps are in the works. It is also intended to have 2.7.1 removed from public view as it is now a very old map not representative of the skills of UKDT.

Read the included readme file. It includes instructions on how to get the map up and running. Failing to do so will result in missing tiles, or a blank map.

UKDT is planning to attend Showbus 2017 - any donations received would go towards offsetting the costs of setting up the event. UKDT is not for profit, 100% of anything received gets reinvested into the community. Unspent donations will go back towards the operating costs of Fellowsfilm.

The associated Paypal account belongs to iomex. For any enquiries, please email omsi.botw@gmail.com
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    Welcome back to Buses of the Westcountry – version 2.9. This version fixes a few issues with...

Latest Reviews

Its a really really good map to drive on and is great fun for a 35 minute drive. The only problem is I like driving with collisions on but at Burton Street there is a little invisible block around the bus stop.Its still a fun map to play on though!
This map is very good indeed! Its very well detailed, installation is nice and easy and it is a pleasure to drive route 35! Many thanks for all your hard work.
Just some things to note which could be fixed to make it even more epic:
1. AI busses don't seem to run with lights at night
2. Some traffic don't want to stop at roundabouts for other traffic and also at peak times the busses do not want to leave Paignton bus station I waited behind one for quite some time.
3. Passengers consistently complain about too many coins when giving change. (There may be a way to fix this if so please enlighten me).

These are just minor details, I'm just suggesting this could be some things to look at for the next(?) update!
I do indeed recommend this map to anyone who is sick of left hand drive omsi!
Many thanks for your hard work on this map!
This map is outstanding! Plenty of detail and nice framerate when driving. Another great UKDT add-on! This is by far my favourite map to drive on my list of maps.

For those that are having issues with the map not loading, the map has assets from external downloads. Open and read the ReadMe file within this map's folder with links to it's dependences. Install those and the map should load.
the map wont load is probably because you need to read the readme fil and install the links
I cant see the map and when i go to spawn a bus it puts me in nowhere Please fix this

cant seem to get to work just a blue sky
Hi. Once I downloaded the file it wouldn't actually open for me so I couldn't place it in the common folder. Any help, thanks?
This is an amazing map. I have only recently got it working after downloading Bowdenham and absolutely love it- one of my favourite maps
I can't even use this map. I have tried to install twice and when I load I spawn with the citybus 400r and there is no map around me✍🤔
I've installed the map and everytime I launch it on omsi 2 its just empty no tiles