Bristol Airport

Beta Bristol Airport 1.1.1

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its a nice conspect i like it designed and looked really good, the only issue im having is that the HOF file only say A1 Bath or A1 bristol and whn i go to do it manuall, it just say "sorry not in service, i thought it was me so i downloaded and reinstalling the map it just does the same
The HOF file included in the Citaro buses is the one you want to use. It seems you may be using the one from either the E400 MMC or the ALX 400. This is an AI only HOF so doesn't include the routes you need.
my screen is allways white how can i fix that
Solid Map but I cant seem to get the routes on the destinations thingy when you set your display for ther Bus
It says I'm missing Flora 3 pack, but I downloaded and installed so not sure if it's the right one. So please help! Literally all I need is the Flora 3 Pack!
This map is amazing and I cant wait for V2 with the A1 flyer
This looks absolutley amazing! I realy enjoyed the scenic ride. It gives a realy ''real'' experience.... Wil you add announcements in a later stadium?
Getting even better each update! Keep up the work FirstEnviro!
Absolutely amazing standard! Can't wait for the upcoming updates. You have loads of potential in the community. Keep the work up,

The New Update is Cracking. Great to drive with the project of my Wright Pulsar. #Pulsarcomingsoon
With this new update it looks spectacular, I could spend hours on this map!!!
Great Map And Gives me a excuse to make loads of bristol airport repaints lol all jokes aside it is a really high detail map considering its beta altough i have one point of criticism the bendy buses stop in the middle of the road and do not move
look forward to the next update, 1.2
This map is fantastic with Bendy Bus on the road. Little thing I would like to suggest is that the ai cars at the roundabout do not take any exit. They just go round and round at the roundabout. hoping that will fix soon,thx.
Fixed in 1.1. :)
Love the map! It is very good and is obvious a lot of effort went into it. There is a few minor things that need polishing out but is understandable as it is a beta, cant wait to see the finished product!
Good Map but i downloaded everything but its just showing me 1 tile
Instead of leaving a negative review, ask for help on the forums. Run map tools to see what assets you're missing.
This map is amazingly promising for a beta! I love driving the two routes and especially the Silver Zone Shuttle! I absolutely can’t wait to see what this map brings and I wish you all the best for future development! Great job.
For a early beta map this is promising. There are some issues such as the lack of splines and rows of shrubbery but judging by how quickly progress is moving these issues will soon be ironed out which would make this a very good left path map :)
Hi, i have downloaded the map and all required dependencies but when i try to load up the map i get a game error saying something about one of the tile files are to new for this version of omsi and it says the o3d file cannot be read
any ideas\fixes would be great
Before leaving a negative review, please ask for help in the support thread where the whole community will be able to provide help.
Can someone tell me the exact location for the missing picnic bench (what folder)
It's located in the Farthington map download. Download and install the Farthington map.
Hi, I have downloaded the map and the picnic bench again. I still get a blue sky even though I have run map tools and it says no missing objects or splines
It's most likely due to missing objects. Make sure you have everything and double check map tools.