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Bristol Airport is the South West's main airport handling more than 8 million passengers (2017) per year. Main operators at the airport include easyJet, Ryanair, TUI, Thomas Cook, BMI Regional, and others. The current terminal opened in 2000 and has undergone many expansion projects throughout the year. With the most recent ones being the expanded departure lounge (2015), new security search comb (2016) and the expanded arrivals and immigration hall (2017/2018).
The airport has one runway designated 09/27.


In this 1.1 release, the following routes are included:
  • Silver Zone Shuttle:
    • Silver Zone Reception - Terminal Dropoff - Terminal Stand 3 - Silver Zone Reception
    • Approx. 5 mins (Silver Zone to Terminal)
  • Staff Shuttle:
    • Staff Transport Hub - Old Terminal - Terminal Dropoff - Old Terminal - Staff Transport Hub
    • Approx. 7 mins (Staff Transport Hub to Terminal)
  • Long stay Shuttle:
    • Terminal Stand 2 - Multi-story car park - Long stay car park (stops 2-7) - Terminal Dropoff
    • Approx. 10 mins round-trip

These routes are operated using the Mercedes-Benz Citaros.







Some splines credit to iomex.
Pound sterling money back by UKDT: [UKDT] Pound Sterling (£, GBP) Money Pack
All other external sources used are listed in the dependencies section. All other aspects remain property of FirstEnviro.

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Latest Reviews

Excellent map, well detailed, so realistic.. AHHHH just never ends!

The owners who make this map should deserve a reward for what they have made. keep it up guys i want to see an extension to the map
Just given this my first playthrough as I actually workat BRS/EGGD aka Bristol Airport.
Got to say it's pretty damn good, everything is where it should be with one exception the old terminal building and adjacent car park are no longer there, the car park was decomisioned and re-developed into two aircraft stands in the spring of 2019, the OTB has very recently been demolished and the land is i beleive going to be used as extra stands aswell.Maybe this could be incorperated into the next version?
Keep up the good work.
Love the concept of this map, which I think has a lot of potential to be developed into something really impressive.
The map is great but my busses are black
There is no other airport map that is not as realistic or as enjoyable as this! A masterpiece in the making. The routes are easy to learn, the AI is spectacular, especially if you hate looking at the London Citybus C400R (a excellent bus imo)

The only problem I have the amount of lag around the terminal itself: A lot of people and ai buses in one location uses a lot of memory

Anyways: I love the work!
Keep the updates coming!
Great map, the bumpy roads make it feel more realistic rather than driving over perfect roads constantly. The only thing I don't like is the lag and at the roundabout near the staff hub and exit towards Bristol and M5, traffic does not work like it should on a roundabout and is buggy. Overall though I like testing buses out on it and is a different kind of map than the rest, well done.
Sorry but this truly isn't worth the time downloading. Very bumpy roads, journeys that don't end when you get to the terminus so you can't start a new route. Traffic stopping in the middle of the roads causing traffic jams for no reason.. Extremely badly signposted, very easy to get lost!..
Quite good map, I like the airport theme, because I like airport sector ^^
However, it seems to be too empty, and It is quite small.
But, I enjoyed my play time on this map, and I'm really looking forward to future updates.

By the way, almost no bugs to report, just maybe vehicle disappearances to some intersections.
Awesome! Enjoyable driving and hours of fun. Would love to see support for double deckers seeing as that bridge by silver zone is a bit... well small. I also have noticed the motorway gantries seem to have no textures and this includes your thumbnail on the overview page as well.
its a nice conspect i like it designed and looked really good, the only issue im having is that the HOF file only say A1 Bath or A1 bristol and whn i go to do it manuall, it just say "sorry not in service, i thought it was me so i downloaded and reinstalling the map it just does the same
The HOF file included in the Citaro buses is the one you want to use. It seems you may be using the one from either the E400 MMC or the ALX 400. This is an AI only HOF so doesn't include the routes you need.