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Bowdenham V4 Running Boards *updated* 1.1

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Bowdenham V4
These are some running boards I have made for the current version of Bowdenham before the new Bowdenham RHD comes out. When the new Bowdenham RHD Conversion comes out I Will be creating others.

NOTE: The schedule number on each Running Board represents the tour number you select. Also note that one of the boards (the one on the route 50 I think) looks unfinished. This is because the template I used for these decided to have a hissy fit by limiting me to one page. Final note is that the commencing date on each board is the date you should use in game. If you have any comments or suggestions then please let me know. Oh and sorry that there aren't more timing points. This is because I don't have access to my laptop to look at the timetable so I used a pre downloaded timetable which has start and end destination with their times.

This is an open-source file under the GNU-GPL licence. You can change and reupload them as you wish without my consent, but you must allow others to do the same with any derivative work.

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It's alright I guess.. Would of expected a bit more
Thank you for your review. I understand what you are saying but I've now found a solution. Within the coming months I'm going to re create them using a timetable that I downloaded off Aussiex which includes timetables for First, Stagecoach and Arriva for each Chrono event which the timetable also includes the timing points so it looks more realistic. I'll start these on Monday and I hope to release them within the next 2 months.

Again thank you for your review
Much Appreciated
Aiden Clark Garrad