BotW Route 35 Stagecoach style branding

BotW Route 35 Stagecoach style branding 4.0

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London Citybus 400R
Buses of the Westcountry V2.7
Stagecoach styled route 35 branding for the C400R
This repaint is for BotW Route 35 for the C400R. The repaint has been themed to the new style of branding that Stagecoach bus seem to be rolling out across the country with the iconic swoops. This design was based on the Coastliner 700 for the styling and the Connect35 was based of a local route of mine branded Connect7 in a similar way.

V4 contains some huge updates to my previous releases of this repaint including the new branding (re-designed from scratch), a map of all the via points as apposed to having them in a list and new leather seating in the style that Stagecoach have on their newer MMC's.





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Such nice detailing! Love this so much, it is also based on the two local routes I have round near me!
nice job
i really like this reaint very clean and very comfortable looking seats and an improved sign on the cab door and no more pixalaed route 35 on the stairs!!! how do you make that stagecoach sign on the matrix? because i really like that!!
It comes as part of the Hanover Display mod that Ross did (It's on here). In the .hof file just make a new destination in and the annex 1 zone put #Stagecoach and that's what it'll display!
The textures look very clean and sharp, and I also like the Welcome Aboard sign on the cab door, it makes it feel more realistic than some other stagecoach repaints that I've downloaded... XD