BoTW E500MMC Facelift Rollbands

BoTW E500MMC Facelift Rollbands v1.5

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BoTW E500MMC Facelift Rollbands
made by Ryanmac29
Only available on FellowsFilm Forums
Content Control Note: The destination setting box in the cab does not show the names of destinations on its screen when using this HOF.

To install:
Place the hof file in your e500 mmc folder located \OMSI 2\Vehicles\Dennis_Enviro500MMC
and place the HANOVER_ORANGE_FULL folder in OMSI 2\Vehicles\Anzeigen
and then you're good to go.
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Latest updates

  1. E500MMC FL Rollbands HOF File Fix

    update fixes the issue where passengers wont board the bus.