BoTW Devon Bus Repaint - MS Masterdeck

BoTW Devon Bus Repaint - MS Masterdeck V1

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Devon Bus Repaint - MS Masterdeck


Repaint Information

This repaint is a recreation of the original Devon Bus repaint, which was created by @THE PH6NT0M, on the C400 for BoTW. I do not claim credit for the original repaint, however, I do claim the credit of transferring this repaint to the MS Masterdeck. Please note, this repaint has only been created for the 10.8m Masterdeck Standard and the 10.8 Masterdeck HEV.

Additional Information
This repaint has taken me some time to create and I'm glad to finally release it for others to use, as I've seen it being requested by several people. Please leave your feedback and comments on the repaint in the review section as it will assist me in establishing whether I've done a good job or not. This repaint requires the Masterbus Gen 3 Pack, which is a payware DLC that can be found on Steam. You can find the DLC link at the top of this download page!

Please make sure you read the 'ReadMe' file if you require any help installing the repaint!

Thank you so much to @THE PH6NT0M for allowing me to upload this repaint!
Thank you again to @THE PH6NT0M for the original repaint, on the C400R.
Thank you to Masterswitch Studios for the Masterdeck!

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Superb, many thanks for this! Brilliant for BOTW.
thank you :3