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BOTW 2.7.1 E200 Destinations 1.1

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Destinations for BOTW 2.7.1. This file comes with the destinations and a modified hof file that WILL REPLACE THE OLD ONE.

The destinations also change automatically so it shows different calling points along the route

The destinations look like the picture below
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Latest updates

  1. Totnes spelling fix

    Quick fix to change the spelling of "Totness" to "Totnes"

Latest Reviews

Great mod!!!!!!

Would also be nice to see Sutton Coldfield & Cottrell done too.
nice mod, totnes is spelt wrong though buddy (only one s)
Thank you, didn't realise myself, Update will be out as soon as its reviewed.
Sweet mod! Could you tell me how exactly they change automatically and would it be possible to make ones that change automatically for other maps too, like cotterell?
Perhaps I didn't explain fully, the destination screens change automatically for one destination. All that changes in the simulator is calling points. For example, when the screens display "Paignton" they display calling points above the main destination what change. And hopefully my cotterell ones will be finished soon too
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2017-04-05
That's a good mod just downloaded it i like it