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[BKG] London Bus Stop Pack 1.2

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Welcome to the [BKG] London Bus Stop Pack!

This pack contains around 70 different parts, which can be attached together to create virtually every bus stop seen in London. The pack as it stands includes parts only to make the bus stop flag, however will be updated in the future to include shelters, and extra plates. Some examples of the stops that can be created, can be seen in the screenshot below.

For further information and instructions on how to use the stops, please read the 'Read Me' included in the download. Once downloaded it is important that this is read.

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  1. V1.2 - Minor Update

    Minor update includes: Small texture changes to all existing items. Addition of a range of old...
  2. V1.1 - Hotfix

    V1.1 fixes issues with double route numbers displaying incorrect text.

Latest Reviews

A great pack, a great person. A good egg for the community, went above and beyond for me when I didn't expect it so soon or at all! So i thank you mate, really appreciate these.
This pack is very brilliant and really easy to use. It was easy to Create a bus stop. I would continue to use this pack for my East London Map
I love it, I did get frustrated with the complication of it at first but since it's in place, it looks amazing. I hope you add Part 7 and 8 because that's the London Bus Priority Zone which I have a front facing photo of if you wanted to use or if you're gonna create your own that's cool.

And Part 8 for the bus timetable holder that we can add text for the route not necessarily the calling points and frequency (possibly!) Would love to see you create a bus shelter as well.
Thanks for the review! Priority Zone signs, shelters, and bus timetables are all planned, when I eventually get round to doing it!
once you're used to the various objects and how they all go together, making a stop is simple. i'm excited for more stuff in later updates.
Hi thanks for the nice review! I know it can be a little complicated to get your head around in the beginning, but it was the only way I could keep it completely customisable, but it does become simple when you get used to it.