Badger's C400R E40D Mod

Badger's C400R E40D Mod V1

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A brand new E40D mod! Re-done and made to be as real as possible!
Appears as in game: NEW E40D TEST
#### Must not be redistributed anywhere else.###
This mods the Citybus 400R to use realistic E40D sounds. If asked to overwrite the files, please do so :)
Credits to Ratti for the rattles and misc sounds
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 reviews

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Superb sound mod Badger, I like driving the C400 more and more now, used to only drive the N230UD with your sound mod, now I drive both.
Nice Nice Nice You Need It !! :D Well Done As Always Badger
ts good how ever the are some problems like Cabin-Citybus400SystemBoot doesn't make a sound and the Dash adjust too does not make a sound also the gear change doesn't make sound as well
Just download it, you need it! :P
Simply put, this make the already great C400 sound more like a E400 - more so, the ones that Arriva Medway have currently on the 101. These sounds, coupled with Ratti's rattles etc make it more and more enjoyable every time I drive it. :)
Well, as it was partly recorded from YY14WGA I should hope so :D, glad its nice to drive :)
Like honey being poured down my ear holes
Glad to hear :)
Amazing job as always Badger! Well done.
Thank you! Been so busy with the ALX lol!