Badgers 2010 Scania N230UD Enviro 400 mod for the C400RX

Badgers 2010 Scania N230UD Enviro 400 mod for the C400RX V3

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Contents of Mod:

- A realistic true to life Scania N230UD engine, along with realistic cabin sounds

Credits / with thanks to

Andy at Oxford buses, Sam, Jacob, Kyle at VirtualBus. Without their help this mod would not be possible.
Morphi for the 1st-3rd ZF noises

#### No re-uploading or editing of sounds without my permission please!#####
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4.89 star(s) 9 reviews

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Latest Reviews

It's a beast! Great sound mod badger, 15456 - 15465 next? :P
A rather good replica of a Scania N230UD which can be related easily to real life example.

The only issue I have, hence the 4 star review, is that the bass sounds pop, quite dramatically at low frame rates.
Excellent mod as always. Im looking forward to more of your work!
Fantastic Sound Mod
There is a slight issue with when starting up the bus & missing indicator noises but apart from that its a fantastic addition to the C400R 9/10
The real life one has no noise. Mine is replicating that ;)
Another great sound mod once again! ZF sounds could be a bit better (watch my YN15 KHO video to show what I mean), however, if I ignore this, it is absolutely brilliant!
I have no N230UD's for an hour near where I live, have to improvise, if I ever get on one, may consider it!
Love It Best Bus To Drive Now !!! :D :D :D
Glad you're enjoying it Matthew :) Thank you for your support!
Version: V3
I love it already sounds are amazing love the outside sounds and well done another great mod off you Barger bus sounds like ours kx61 plates our are scanias 2011 so like them aswell from the inside and outside too
Thank you very much :D
Only needs one word! Wow!
Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy it :P
Absolutely brilliant Badger, top job! Love everything about it.
Thank you very much :) Really appreciate your support!