Badgerline, Weston's Local Buses

Badgerline, Weston's Local Buses

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Some files: CC BY-NC-ND
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MAN A21 (UK):
Mercedes-Benz Citaro (UK):
Transbus ALX400 London:
Transbus ALX400 Regional:
London Citybus 400 Regional:

The Badgers are back!

First West of England has recently re-introduced the Badgerline brand for local services in Weston-super-mare. Fitting, since the original Badgerline Holdings was based in Weston-super-mare.

I've recreated the livery now worn by LK53 LZC and WX05 RVU, one of 8 of each bus type to receive the livery. The vehicles have influenced the repaint, both inside and out. Single deckers remain as close to First Identity as possible whilst I've tried to replicate the London interiors for the Double deckers.

Please read the readme included in the download. It contains important installation instructions and important information about the repaint and it's files.

I will also take requests for possible buses to be added, however, they will be at my own discretion. These, along with bugs, can be sent as PM messages to me.

Hope you enjoy this repaint!​

Some of the files will be covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please see the readme for which files are affected.
Other files remain © Jem (aka. rysx) and must not be redistributed without permission.
Original logos and designs remain the property of their original owners.
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Latest Reviews

Oh my, oh my, I am lost for words!
probably my favourite repaint pack i have downloaded its so good and the effort level is unreal , because i use metroline west enviro 400's , i can see how accurate the interior really is apart from obviously new moquette that metroline have fitted , all the purple is in the right areas and it's perfect looking well done and 5 stars from me
that is a amazing repaint keep it up
Brilliant pack, been looking forward to this one! fantastic work! :)
Great work :) love the Repaints :)
Love the repaints, would like to see it on a bendy bus and a Dennis dart. Love seeing these buses around WSM. Also like to see the excel route liveries done as well
Great Repaint pack

Would be good if you could repaint the Volvo B9TL Gemini 2
Already considering it. ;)