Arriva London | Articulated O530G

L21 Citaro (UK - RHD) Arriva London | Articulated O530G 1.0

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This file is intended for use with Lowlander21's Citaro UK Pack.
Arriva London Articulated Citaro Repaint by xSklzx Dark
Thank you for checking out my first ever repaint!
I decided to go for something simple but something I’ve not really seen attempted so far so, here you go. Here’s the Arriva London articulated Citaro repaint, used on the old BX55 plated Citaro’s, usually seen on the 29, 38, 73, etc.

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If you find a bug with the repaint and you would like to report it, or you would like support with installing the repaint, please use the resource thread. Please do not use the resource reviews to ask for support or to report a bug as I will ignore it.

Note: This repaint replaces the LED .dds file for the Citaro to suit a more “London” style blind format. If you would like to opt out of this change, do not replace “”.

Make sure that you back up the dds file if you would like this change otherwise every repaint will have this LED update.


  • Navigate through your local directories and find “OMSI 2\Vehicles\Citaro Facelift UK”
  • Extract the .zip file to “Citaro Facelift UK\Texture\Repaints\O530G”
  • Launch the game and drive!
Note: Not all signs are currently on the repaint and some signs are low poly until I can get around to either sourcing new ones or remaking them. I’ll update the repaint whenever I get around to these.


xSklzx Dark = Repainting the bus.
lowlander21 = Flipping the Citaro from LHD to RHD
Arriva London = Various signs on the repaint.
xSklzx Dokkaebi
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looks very realistic so 5 stars from me :)
xSklzx Dokkaebi
xSklzx Dokkaebi
Thank you for your support. :)