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ALX400 Regional Announcement enabler 2.0

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The following are needed for this to work:
TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec) - The ALX400 Regional Specification

This mod was originally intended for the C400R but also works for the ALX400 , so I have reuploaded the mod with the correct folder names for it to be installed on the ALX400.

As this is a script modification, there is no screenshot.

NOTE: For this to work, one must set the line and route using the overhead Hanover Displays ibis control panel.

This mod is in no way a creation of my own and all credit goes to PZ 8904.

Installation instructions are provided in the ReadMe.txt file.

You must agree to the copyright terms included in the ReadMe file in order to use this repaint pack.

NOTE: In order to start the automatic announcements, "Q" must first be pressed between the first and second stop to start the sequence
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