ALX400 (London) - First Centrewest Repaint + Route 10/23 HOF

ALX400 (London) - First Centrewest Repaint + Route 10/23 HOF 1.0.0

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V3D's Transbus ALX400 London Variant -
At first this was just a quick job though here it is. Initially made as a tribute to the 10 (Hammersmith to King's Cross), now uploaded for you to download and enjoy.
The .hof file includes routes 10 and 23 and can also be downloaded if you wish.

This is of my first uploads here so if there's any feedback, I'd welcome it.

SMA19, myself, also known as Unorm, the creator of this repaint and .hof file.
V3D, for creating the Transbus ALX400 model for us to enjoy.

What you should see when you go to load a bus in game:

TransBus ALX400 (London)
Trident 2 - Voith - 245hp
First Centrewest VFL < repaint
First Centrewest 10 & 23 < hof

More information in the Read Me file included in the download.

Copyright ©2018 SMA19. All rights reserved.
No reuploading without my given permission.


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