Alexander ALX400 - Volvo B7TL

Alexander ALX400 - Volvo B7TL 1.03

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It's finally here! I present to you the Volvo B7TL with Alexander ALX400 bodywork by V3D and the DigiBus team (But mainly by V3D). I used to drive these when they were brand-new back in 2000 and wanted to represent such an iconic bus in the world of OMSI 2 and I think that I've done it justice. Now you can enjoy it to for many years to come.

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  • Highly detailed 10.55m variant of the ALX400 series body in First bus specification
  • Authentic Volvo B7TL sounds recorded from the real thing
  • Volvo D7C engine with a choice of two power ratings
  • Voith D854 gearbox
  • Kneeling and 'Ferry-lift' suspension
  • Flip-dot matrix display
  • Fully working dashboard with clock display, warning lights and height adjustment button
  • Wayfarer TGX150 ticket machine with preset ticket types and delay countdown
  • Saloon CCTV monitor
  • Several First bus default repaints included
  • Repaint templates and multiple setvars to help you customise each bus to your liking
  • Blinds by TecnoSam
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Latest Reviews

With B7TLs being one of my favourites irl, I love the fact we have one in OMSI, especially one as detailed both model and sound wise as this is. However, I would like to see a few more options and setvars such as a ZF gearbox because what's the point in a B7TL without a screaming Ecomat and some more seating options so thay this bus isn't solely First spec and can be enjoyed more by people like myself from areas where First do not operate. In addition to this, I think LED lights (the same as the ones on the alpha version of this bus) would be a great too. If I had to be reallyyy picky then I'm not a fan of how chunky the mirrors are and would prefer to see the smaller ones off the Trident but on a long arm as a setvar too. All in all though a fantastic addition to the OMSI fleet and it's understandable that the bus doesn't have as many options as other recent additions to UK OMSI as this one is free and work for free most likely won't have the same amount of time and effort spent as the work that a developer profits from. But nothing I've said puts me off driving this bus, that's for certain, thank you V3D!
Drives good, 215 feels too fast though.
I love this buses looks and sounds great
I Just wanted to say how much I enjoy driving this bus! It looks stunning, it feels stunning to drive and the dash is beautiful. One thing I have found is that this is a First Bus spec if I remember correctly and First don't own any Voith B7tls (correct me if im wrong) so a ZF version would be very nice.
My absolute favourite bus to drive! And my favourite bus in real life. You've done a cracking job once again V3D :) I only have two requests. 1. Could we possibly see a ZF in the future? 2. Would it be possible to have a civic 2 option? Other than that, cracking job! :)
Fantastic Bus. Great to drive and pretty realistic. Only bugbear being there's no ZF. Well done V3D!
Awesome!! Just needs a stagecoach livery and I will be set lol. Awesome bus. No issues with it and love the way the 3 overhead lights come on near the front when the doors open. Well done here. You should be well proud of yourself. :)
I love this bus! great Work V3D! ;)
Finally had a chance to drive this and to say i am truly amazed is honestly an understatement. It drives like a dream, it is a true reflection of what its like to drive one of these bad boys and is a testament to the time and effort that goes into these projects. No Lag, no FPS issues and not a single fault with a bus thats standards are truly magnificent. Highly recommended and without a doubt one of the most appreciated additions to the ever growing community add ons.
This bus is definitely something else! Really enjoy driving this final version especially with the added axle whines. Great Work V3D, as always 😃