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ADL_E400MMC_NWFB_3800 UK Interior Textures Pack. V1.0

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This pack OVERWRITES the original installed default textures, Bus ORG file, Cockpit osc file & both Model cfg files, therefore it is RECOMMENDED to back up the complete original ADL_E400MMC_NWFB_3800 bus folder, PRIOR to installation of this pack!!! Then if you do not like the result it is easy to return to the default bus.

I created the pack for this vehicle to give a more UK feel to the interior, also to allow correct UK number plates & to create fleet numbers containing 3 to 5 digits. As this actual bus model is not UK single door specification the actual E400MMC Fleet & Reg numbers included in the new ORG file are only to give a visual representation they are NOT intended to be prototypical.

An identification sheet with all the Fleet / registration numbers in the pack is included.

The adverts signs & notices have been either produced from my photographs, adapted & modified from the default ones or from freeware decals/stickers by various authors.

There are two parts to the download :--
PART 1 is generic appearing on the default buses or any repaint using the default interior.
PART 2 is a modified version for use ONLY on Alex’s TRANSDEV 36 repaint. Authorized by Alex.

Repainters working on a specific interior may use & modify this pack provided I am notified to minimise any possible duplication. As an alternative if I have all the details I can produce specific new variations.

This download is fully compatible my view enhancement pack.
The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that on the rear the 500 is now 400.

After downloading the zip file, unzip to a temp location of your choice. Then refer to the enclosed READ ME for all the detailed installation options.

All Credits go to
Original model – fu482ws & GX7767 Electronics
Various authors for the REPAINTS.
Various authors for the original Adverts / notices.
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