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It's been over 6 months in production and wait is finally over. I'm proud to present to you my latest creation, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC!

A quick big thanks to all those that helped make this bus what it is, you're all amazing and credited in the user guide.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty, what are the features?

  • Modern looking ‘City’ styled exterior
  • Two initial length variations, the 8.9m and 11.5m (3 more lengths in a later update) with near as accurate handling characteristics
  • Simulated performance of a 180hp Cummins ISB 4.5l engine
  • Voith DIWA.6 4-speed gearbox
  • Choice of two styles of engine start/stop
  • Auto-levelling suspension with kneeling function
  • Detailed VDO dashboard
  • Two styles of cab assault screen
  • Choice of nearside mirror next to entrance or on extended arm
  • Authentically modelled Ticketer ticket machine with boot-up, login and fare screens (More may come in an update)
  • Cab CCTV monitor (Changes to rear view when reversing)
  • Choice of cab or saloon air conditioning units
  • Comfy and modern civic passenger seating
  • Unique next-stop bell sounds for both saloon and disabled notifications
  • Two styles of infotainment screen displaying adverts updated via the internet
  • Optional saloon sunroof for a bright and airy feeling inside
  • Operable battery and engine compartment flaps
  • Working wheelchair ramp
  • Templates are included in /texture/templates for repainters
Please ensure you read the included manual in /docs to get the best out of your experience with this bus. Included is also a list of setvars for those that may wish to style the 200 MMC to their liking.

Please note, it is important that you don't change the name of the "V3D - Enviro 200 MMC" folder, as this may cause issues when the advert textures are updated.
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Latest Reviews

It makes more fun to drive around all of the RHD maps.
I hope V3D would add 2 door buses, because single deck buses with 2 doors are popular in Asia.
Absolutely stunning. I can't vouch for realism because I live in Australia (I've never seen a real ADL E200) but it is well-made bus. I'll probably try to modify the speedometer texture to show metric units. Good work on the bus.
they say it is pretty good so i will try it also can it be used for ai?

all seriousness, nice bus and good to have in the omsi scene. sounds are really nice too
The sounds are incredible but only the braking after 10mph. other then that it's spot on could come across as a DLC for Omsi!

I cannot wait to see the double-decker version!!!
The best bus I have ever driven! Thank you V3D!
Amazing, the model is just great. Sounds like a hospital when you use the indicator but oh well.
I would rate a 10 if I could. I really love this bus and it's free! I absolutely adore the model and the way it drives. So many setvars too. Absolutely packed with quality and features. V3D never fails to impress, he's such a veg with 3D modelling. I wont buy any masterswitch product because it's all about money that not everyone can afford and it's not fair watching people play it leaving others feeling left out. You should make a 400MMC next Mr V3D. Same quality but free, really keep it up!
Truely excellent bus by V3D :) Drives lovely, feels lovely, It really delivers well.
Cracking mod! Would be good to get kickdown added and higher revs come the next update or two.