ADL E200MMC - Go-Ahead, East Yorkshire Repaint Pack

V3D E200MMC ADL E200MMC - Go-Ahead, East Yorkshire Repaint Pack 1.0

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Go-Ahead East Yorkshire Repaint Pack.
Version 1.0.



This livery is based upon Go-Ahead East Yorkshire's new livery.
The new East Yorkshire branding was unveiled, alongside a new logo and corporate livery. East Yorkshire Motor Services was purchased by the Go-Ahead Group in June 2018, becoming an operating division of Go North East.
In June 2018, East Yorkshire was acquired by Go-Ahead, bringing an end to 30 years of family ownership. East Yorkshire will continue to run as a standalone company within Go North East.[27][28]

In late October 2018, £1 million was invested in new Ticketer smart ticketing machines, with the ability to accept contactless payments.[29] In March 2019, a new livery and corporate branding were announced. The new livery is an evolution of the well-known burgundy and cream colour scheme. Under the changes, the trading name for the business became East Yorkshire, with a new typeface, and the white rose of Yorkshire replacing the letter O, to form part of the logo. The new East Yorkshire brand was launched at an event at Hull City Football Club's KCOM Stadium, with two buses displayed in the new livery.

For more information about East Yorkshire and its history, read more here.


Within this repaint pack:
Within this pack, there are several repaints for both variants of the vehicle (8.9 & 11.5).
E200MMC 11.5: East Yorkshire Standard, East Yorkshire Scarborough Locals, EY Scarborough Sevens v1, and EY Scarborough Sevens v2.
E200MMC 8.9: East Yorkshire Standard and East Yorkshire 136.

If anyone would like to see more EY livery's that aren't included within this E200MMC pack, please let me know.



to install the repaint pack simply drag the folder and the .cti into your repaint folder
in the "Repaints-115 and Repaints-89" folders of the "V3D - Enviro 200 MMC" folder:

OMSI 2 > Vehicles >V3D - Enviro 200 MMC > Texture > Repaints-115 and Repaints-89 (Insert the "KK294" folder in here)

PLEASE DO NOT put the .cti file into the "KK294" folder please put it in the "Repaints-115 and Repaints-89" folder as the repaint will not work If you put the .cti file inside the "KK294" folder



Bus: Original model Developer - Team Belevenis/V3D


This repaint was uploaded to and, but you can also find the repaint link on Facebook/The National OMSI so if you find this repaint anywhere else except the two places above please notify me.
this repaint was uploaded by KK294
thanks, I hope you enjoy it!



KK294's OMSI Repaint's is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
My work can only be found at &
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