[AC86] Stagecoach Stripes for V3D ADL E200MMC

[AC86] Stagecoach Stripes for V3D ADL E200MMC v2

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V3D ADL Enviro 200MMC - ADL Enviro 200 MMC
Stagecoach Stripes repaint for the 11.5m 200MMC by V3D. It's been over a year since I left the gaming community.
I have decided to return to OMSI 2 Community with hof packs for UK maps for the buses I drive. Now trying my hand at repaints. Here is 3for 1.

Whats included...……….
Stagecoach Stripes (Repaint)

2x Hof files
[AC86] BoTW 2.9
[AC86] Demo Screens

Stagecoach Stripes logos My own made Hi-res logos I made for my repaint for use with your own work. see included files & readme for their use.

Install to OMSI 2.
Navigate to your omsi 2 directory then drag & drop the included omsi 2 folder and load game as normal.
[Important] For those with my V3D Bus Hof files & more pack from my discord the included [AC86] BoTW 2.9 hof file included with this repaint is a copy for this upload and does not include any changes click yes to overwrite.
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Looks Great But Just Doesn't Feel Right
Well i never thought id see SC Stripes on an E200, cracking job!
Thank you :)
I really like the repaint and the destination blinds.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks Bobby567 v2 is pending approval from Admin.