1990s Oxford Bus Company Repaint Pack - Transbus ALX400 London Spec

1990s Oxford Bus Company Repaint Pack - Transbus ALX400 London Spec 1.00

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This is a repaint pack that gives you FIVE decent Oxford Bus Company repaints for the Transbus ALX400 London Spec. The interior used on these repaints is the Abellio London one which comes with the bus as standard.

To install, follow the steps below:
1) Ensure you have downloaded V3D's Transbus ALX400 London. TransBus ALX400 (London Spec)
2) Download the file from FellowsFilm.
3) Extract to a suitable place.
4) Copy the folder 'OMSI 2' to Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common
5) Launch OMSI and they should work.

This file should not appear on any website other than FellowsFilm. If it does, please DM me. There are a couple more repaints planned for the future as this is only V1. If you have any suggestions for future versions please let me know as that would be nice.

The current repaints are:
'Oxford Bus Company Cityline' - Blue Skirt.
'Oxford Bus Company Cityline 2' - Grey Skirt.
'Oxford Bus Company Standard A' - Blue Skirt.
'Oxford Bus Company Standard B' - Grey Skirt.
'Oxford Bus Company Standard C' - Grey Skirt (OLD LOGO)

Future Repaints are as follows:
'Oxford Bus Company Interim' - London Transport Red with OBC logos.
'Oxford Bus Company Cityline 21/21A' - Blue Skirt with 21/21A branding.

Many thanks for downloading.
Enviro400Taco (Ross).
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Love it so much! :D
And I've never even been to Oxford! XD
Thanks for all the effort! :)
No problem mate, glad you love them!
Yay, can't wait to use this on Oxford when it's released.
I'm sure you'll enjoy them!
lovely repaints even though its got a travel London interior
Yeah I know, I thought it suited it best, although I could have easily made the moquette these had as it was used on my WYPTE livery for the ALX400 Regional. Thanks for the kind review, it means a lot.